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Rowena Wolfe

(Langford & District History Society)

Rowena has been a part of the 'Langford and District History Society' since 1991 and currently acts as its secretary.

She looks after all the local archive that have been amassed over the years.

The society made all of this available for use in 'Langford Tales'. They have been an invaluable partner during the production and post-production process.

"'We moved to Langford in 1991 and joined the History Society later that year.

One of the early meetings we went to was a guided walk by the village historian, Ralph Turner.

He made the village come to life for us with his tales. As we had the space, we took over storage of the society’s books and,

over the years ended up with quite a collection of photographs and documents.

Many were from Malcolm Handscombe, who along with Ralph had been collecting village items for years.

Many of the photographs appeared in our publications as well as in the 'Langford Diary'.

On a visit to Ralph he told me he’d been approached by a mystery film maker and thought the society should get involved

as I had, by then most of Ralph’s archive. It didn’t take long to see what an exciting project this was and along with the chairman,

Glenn Rodford we were delighted to see much of the early development of the 'Langford Tales'.

Watching an early version of the film proved to be quite an emotional experience for us, learning how these young village lads had gone off to war together.

Now there are even more stories of other villagers’ experiences and lives as well as beautiful photography of the village itself.


Sometimes we don’t notice the beauty that is right in front of our eyes so thanks to Theo and his team the village will have an amazing resource for the future.


The Langford and District History Society are pleased to have been able to help support this project."

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