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A large part of the 'Langford Tales' project has been searching for and acquiring archive. This has been done with the assistance of Linda Franklin.

The material has come in various forms. Over a thousand photographs - some almost 100 years old - have been handed over to us for use in the film.

These have been gifted by local families and the 'Langford and District History Society' generously opened up their vaults to help us bring the stories to life.

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Cine film has come from various sources including rare footage of Biggleswade from 1936,


which has been kindly donated for use in the film by Mr Edward Street.

Film archive from the war years has been licensed from various archive bodies including the BBC and Prime Time Video in Lincoln.

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Precious letters from the war years have been donated by local families.

JPI Media have granted permission to feature Biggleswade Chronicle newspaper articles from the war years.

These are brought to life through the use of narration.

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