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Music can be a powerful storytelling tool and is an integral part of 'Langford Tales'.

The emotional and powerful stories presented will be told against a backdrop of original music.

The film is being scored by award winning composer Christos Andreou.

He has been involved in the project since the beginning and has been working closely with the director where they have discussed everything

from creating moods for individual scenes, using music to develop characters and how re-occurring melodies

can be used in different ways throughout the whole film.


Christos will ultimately be responsible for writing over sixty original pieces of music for 'Langford Tales'.


"The stories we are telling cover such a wide range emotions and the music needs to reflect the many shades of light and dark

the viewer will be taken through when watching 'Langford Tales'.

Not only is Christos an extremely talented composer who is able to write exemplary music in whatever style we throw at him,

but he understands the importance what we are trying to achieve has been a great soundboard to bounce editorial ideas off."


- Theo Maximilian Goble - (Director)

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