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Theo Maximilian Goble.jpg

Theo Maximilian Goble

(Director / Editor)

Theo has been working as a professional television editor since 1996 and is a member of the 'Guild of British Film Editors'. 

He is currently a senior editor for 'MasterChef' UK, and over the years has worked on many high profile productions

for the BBC, Channel 4, HBO, Cartoon Network, MTV and Animal Planet.

When not busy in the edit suite Theo loves to produce his own documentaries.

​His debut film 'Living with Lava' (Iceland 2011) was shown at the National Geographic/BANFF Film Festival in Canada.

​His second documentary project 'Karlag' took him to the vast steppes of Karaganda in Kazakhstan.

" I am always looking out for stories to tell. My last two documentary projects took me overseas so I decided the next one should be a little closer to home.

Being able to apply the filmmaking skills I have learnt over the last 25 years to produce this documentary for my community

has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, professionally but more so on a personal level.

Learning all about the village that is now my home has been a humbling experience,
one that has seen me immersing myself in the history of Langford and its people, both past and present.


I think every town, village and city needs their very own 'Langford Tales'".

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