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Running alongside the River Ivel in Central Bedfordshire lies the small village of Langford.

The 'Long Ford' was a thriving community that lived off the land, where kids swam away the summer months in the waters by the village mill.

Despite the inevitable changes over the years, many tales from a bygone age can still be found.

'Langford Tales' takes us back to the 1920s; a simple era when horses could be seen on every street corner.

We follow the story of a small group of Langford school friends whose lives were full of innocence and mischief as they stumbled their way through childhood.

These care-free times slowly changed as the dark cloud of the Second World War moved across the village.

For some, life would never be the same again.

The boys were called up, left the village and headed over to the beaches of Normandy, liberating occupied Europe along the way and eventually ending up in Berlin.

In their absence Langford life continued, but what was it like for those who remained in the village?


How did they take to the evacuees who arrived at Biggleswade Station and ended up on their doorstep?

And at the war's end, how did the families cope when their sons never returned?

After extensive research conducted over the last three years these stories are brought back to life through personal testimony backed up with photographic/film archive

generously donated by the 'Langford and District History Society', 'Biggleswade History Society' and local families.

All woven together into a mosaic of nostalgia, history, friendship, family and loss.

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