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'Langford Tales' has mostly been a self-financed project with all the editing and most of the filming done by Theo Maximilian Goble.

In October 2020 the film was granted £4000 by the 'Langford & Biggleswade Windfarm Community Fund'.

This has gone towards the cost of obtaining licenses for archive and the high-resolution scanning of over two-hundred old photographs.

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In July 2020 local farmer and 'Langford Tales' contributor David Quinlan donated a field of Sunflowers to the project.

These were sold as bouquets and a 'Pick Your Own' was put on for the people of Langford and surrounding areas.

As well as raising much-needed funds for the the film, it was a great way to promote the project and gain interest in the community.

David has generously donated the same field again in 2021.


The filming and the bulk of the edit is almost complete and the project will then move into the post-production stage.

The original music, audio mix and picture colouring will be done by a specially selected team of professionals.

We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help us pay the crew who will help us get 'Langford Tales' over the finish line.

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